"So we, being

many, are one

body in Christ,

and every one

members one

of another."


- Rom 12:5





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Non-profit ministries

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North Littleton Promise

with whom we share our facilities, is a non-profit, that works to reach the at-risk youth of Littleton with the gospel through after school mentoring, Kids Club activities, and homework help. They are always seeking volunteers to help out. Contact Maureen Walker for more details.


Holiness Churches

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Lakewood Wesleyan Bible Church

our sister church to the West, is a non-denominational Holiness church and school located near the rugged foothills in Lakewood, CO. Currently led by Rev. Mike Yancey, this church has been a faithful light in the suburbs of West Denver.


Western Colorado Holiness Chapel

formed over a decade ago by a group of expatriates from the Littleton COGH who had the burden of spreading holiness to the western slope, has flourished and blossomed in Delta, Colorado with Rev. Nathan Bryant as their shepherd.


Bible Schools

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Kansas City College and Bible School

affiliated with the Church of God (Holiness), was founded in 1938 on Wesleyan-Armenian principles. The school, located in Overland Park, KS has graduated over 1200 students since its inception. The KCCBS campus is home to General Camp, Herald & Banner Press, and both Home and World Missions.


God's Bible School and College

strategically located on Mt. Auburn in urban Cincinnati, OH, has provided a Christ-centered, higher education shaped by Wesleyan tradition since 1900. The GBS motto states, "The never sets on the students of God's Bible School and College."


Penn View Bible Institute

a division of the God's Missionary Church, is a conservative, Christian school located in the town of Penns Creek in the heart of the Appalachians. Founded in 1965, PVBI offers a K-college education rooted in Wesleyan-Armenian theology.


Union Bible College and Academy

founded in 1861 by the Society of Friends (the Quakers), is located in the rural town of Westfield, IN. Now an integral part of the greater Holiness Movement, UBC has graduated many successful pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers.


Hobe Sound Bible College

founded in 1960, is located along the Atlantic Coast of South Florida, 25 miles north of West Palm Beach. The conservative holiness school offers a variety of ministerial and missionary degrees. Hobe Sound also hosts the annual See Breeze Camp.



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Church of God (Holiness) Home Missions

started in 1883 with the founding of the first COGH church in Centralia, MO, is a board that functions to equip and to be a stabilizing element for the more than 120 COGH churches throughout the USA.


Church of God (Holiness) World Missions

under the current directorship of Rev. Ralph E. Wheeler, Jr.,  has been following Christ's commission by sending missionaries "into all the world" with the gospel of Holiness since 1917. World Missions works in 6 continents, in at least 9 languages, under 18 flags, with hundreds of churches.



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Directory of Conservative Holiness Websites

serving the Conservative Holiness Movement for over a decade, is a convenient source for web links to Holiness Bible colleges, churches, people, even shopping. There are also links to an e-mail group and an online Holiness radio station.


Books and media

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Herald and Banner Bookstore and Press

led by editor Mary Avery, has published the The Church Herald and Holiness Banner (COGH's official magazine) for over 120 years and its The Way, Truth and Life Sunday school curriculum for over 30. It also operates an adjoining bookstore offering the best in Christian literature and music.


Schmul Publishing Co.

founded in 1953 by H.E. Schmul as a ministry to maintain early Methodist/Holiness masterpieces, has become a world leader in publishing Wesleyan classics from authors such as Richard Taylor, Adam Clarke, and John Wesley.


Classic Holiness Sermons

dedicated to the "proclamation of the message of Full Salavation from sin, by the preservation and publication of great sermons from conservative preachers of the past and present," is a massive collection of audio and visual sermons of preachers from "Uncle Bud" Robinson to Wingrove Taylor.


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